Simple tricks for how to convince anyone of almost anything

You’ve been begging for a dog for years. You’ve been asking for a car ever since your 16th birthday. You’ve been arguing your political opinion with someone else. You’re deciding where the best place to live is. You’re trying to convince someone else, simply, that your side has benefits that outweigh theirs.

But it’s not working.

You’ve tried and tried, but they just won’t believe you or give in.

It’s time that YOU win! Not them!

So for any argument or circumstance when or where you are trying to win someone else over, this blog post is intended to help you get your way in just a few tricks you probably haven’t even thought of before. It has to do with a little bit of psychology, but it mainly it has to do with rhetoric and the way you present yourself. These make more of a difference than you think.

Curious? Read on!

A lot of you guys go way overboard when trying to make a claim. But all those techniques y’all think of whenever you’re REALLY desperate- been there, done that.

The crying card? The passionate, ranting type of voice? Not gonna work anymore, sweetie. The methods I’m about to list below come from my own experiments. As a debater and a speaker, I am confident enough saying that I’ve learned what makes people tick and how to eventually win them over on your side- even if what you’re saying is B.S. and you know you’re wrong, too.


USE YOUR FACE. MAKE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. All that emotion you feel when you are arguing or persuading regarding something you are passionate for? I know that most of the time, it will come from your voice instead of your face. But please, DO NOT DO THIS. Raising your voice or going out of control just shows that you’re too immature to handle what the other person is saying. You need your voice to remain calm no matter what, even if you aren’t. Let your face do the talking. By that, I don’t mean pull the cry card. But make sure you smile when it’s time to be happy, and your eyebrows furrow when it’s the time to be mad or upset. Don’t let it out from your voice! For example, if I was trying to convince my parents to buy a dog, I would make sure that my upsetness and passion about this dog shows ON MY FACE. That way, they know I’m being serious, but I’m not being immature about it because I’m not yelling. Emotion works wonders. It draws out sympathy from people that you can use to your own advantage. And it works EXTREMELY well when you play it on your face.


USE COMMON RHETORIC. Use analogies that other people will humanize the impact of so that they actually understand your point. For example, say I’m arguing with someone saying that Brexit will never achieve its desired effect because Britain won’t be able to have the same trade with the EU that they need. This is complex and political and something people who don’t read the news would not understand. So, in order to make it sound reasonable, I would say, “It’s like a mom asking for a divorce with the dad and then asking for the child’s custody when the dad has been the primary caretaker of the child all his life with the mom at work all the time”. Something like that- Britain would be the mom, the EU the dad, and the trade policy control the child. Make it believable and pour emotion into it (with your face, of course) to show your opponent that you KNOW what you’re talking about.


USE ANECDOTES. This is something you might’ve even learned in English class. When politicians are trying to make a point, they often use a personal story that the audience is able to relate or connect to. You can tie it back to some sort of a life lesson, if you’re feeling a little extra. For exampleee, if I’m trying to convince someone of how and why they should donate to the homeless, I could tell them a little story about a homeless child I saw on the street, and he actually passed away a couple days after I saw him, and how that impacted me because it wasn’t his fault he was homeless, and yada yada. You get what I’m saying? When you tie it to something personal, you are telling people that you’ve been through that experience and that is why you are arguing for whatever it is you are. Now, don’t lie, of course. If you do want to lie a bit, though, just exaggerate what happened. Describe how pained his face was when you saw him instead of just saying you saw him. Carry it out. Tell it like it is!


USE STATS TO BACK IT ALL UP. Any facts and figures that you can find that will help pull your argument together will help you out SO much. ANYTHING THAT COMES FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE. Don’t tell people that you found out Kylie Jenner was breaking up with Travis from info wars! Use a good news source or celeb magazine that is actually trustworthy. Or just refer to primary sources! A person’s Instagram is a great place to look if you’re trying to make some sort of argument about them. Just saying! That doesn’t mean you’re a stalker, of course… it just means you are learning the real facts about whatever it is. And once you have these facts, present them, and then…


MAKE ANALYSIS FROM THOSE FACTS. Use them to come up with a conclusion or assumption that you actually can back up. For example, if I’m arguing about coronavirus, I can say that because the deaths in the U.S. rose up from 100 to 5000 in one day, it is for that reason that deaths are growing at an exponential rate and therefore increase unless it is brought to a stop. Something like that. You have to give them a “BECAUSE”. Show them you know what you are talking about by using reason and logic. This will make you sound 100 times smarter, believe me!


DON’T BE RUDE. If your opponent is still persisting even after you’ve tried everything, NOD. Nod along with everything they’re saying. This will make them infuriated! And then, once they’re done making their point, you can say, “You’re absolutely right. I’m glad you brought that up, because that leads me directly to say that insert argument here“. Use their evidence and manipulate it to make it yours. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be their evidence- if they’re flat out just being mean or passionate, call them out for it and say that it’s making no effect to get mad, and then proceed wwith your calm reason. Be passive when you confront them, as it will just drive them nuts.

And there you have it. Although these tricks may seem a bit ridiculous, I guarantee you they will come in handy the next time you want to use your persuasion power. All of them have helped me a lot when I used them in the right situation. Practice makes perfect, so keep using these techniques until you find one or several that work best for you. Next thing you know, no one will want to argue with you. Even if they do, you’ll still win. 😛

Take care!

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